Monday July 18, 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark

For breakfast we ate at the buffet again since we have to be done with breakfast quickly in order to be able to go to the waiting room to wait to depart from the boat.  I just ate scrambled eggs with some cheese slices and with some cream cheese on gluten free toast.

For lunch on the airplane they brought out a plate with some beef and potatoes in a sauce, but it wasn’t gluten free so I could only eat the chocolate that came with it.  The airplane stewardess said she will write a report saying that they were unable to supply us with gluten free food.  It made us glad that the stewardess wanted to help us but there weren’t gluten free options.  I suggest that you call and confirm the gluten free meal the day before the flight.

For dinner on the other longer airplane trip they brought us one gluten free meal instead of the four that we needed.  My parents were really disappointed since they had to eat the food that they brought instead of the good meals from the plain.  The one meal contained chicken with tomatoes with some carrots and green beans on the side.  They also had a gluten free bun available.


Sunday July 17, 2011 At Sea

For breakfast we ate at the buffet again since I had slept in and the rest of the family had gone to a tour.  I ate scrambled eggs with turkey and cheese again.

Since this was the second full day at sea on the cruise ship we decided to see if the gluten free pizza crust tasted better, since we talked to our head waiter about the crust.  However the pizza and the crust still tasted just as bad.  So we still agreed that the cruise line needs to use a new gluten free crust recipe.

For dinner I had steaks and French fries.  I also was served a plate of grapes with cheese.  For dessert I just had two scoops of vanilla ice cream again.

Saturday July 16, 2011 Stockholm, Sweden

For breakfast we ate at the buffet in the horizon center again and I had scrambled eggs, cheese slices, and some turkey again with some gluten free toast included again.

For lunch we decided to eat at the da vinci diner.  I ate a cheeseburger with some onions and lettuce on the side.

For dinner I had some noodles with tomato sauce again.  I then had three pieces of filet and some french fries.  Then for dessert I had a gluten free chocolate cake with two pieces of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Friday July 15, 2011 Helsinki, Finland

For breakfast I had some scrambled eggs with some turkey, and some cheese slices with some gluten free toast again at the buffet.

Today we stopped in Finland, but since it was raining most of the time my brother Griffin, my sister-in-law Rachael, and I decided to go back to the boat early so for lunch we ate at the restaurant the opposite side of the horizon center and I ate some mashed potatoes with watermelon, cheese slices, turkey, and then some swirl soft serve ice cream for dessert.  My brother Collin, my mom, and my dad stayed on land in Finland since my mom wanted to check out the grocery stores.  In the grocery store they had a bakery with three shelves of gluten free breads.  They had dinner roles, brownies, snickerdoodles, other cookies, and a bread with a whole in the middle.  Since they didn’t have much room in their backpacks they just bought the brownies and the bread with a whole in the middle.  I then tried a gluten free brownie that I was brought and it tasted good.  In the grocery store all the deli meets and deli salads were labeled gluten free and lactose free.  My mom took a picture of the key showing all the things that the foods were free of.  For lunch they ate sushi, a cabbage salad, some chicken lunch meat, and the bread and they said it was a really good lunch.  My mom said she loved being able to buy deli salad, because she would never by them in the United States, because they are not labeled and it is too scary for her.

This is a picture of the different allergy keys

This is a picture showing the gluten free bread area

Before me and my sister–in-law and my brother left we went to an outdoor and indoor market and they both had an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.  It would have been very easy to make gluten free meals if we had access to a kitchen.

We weren’t able to stop at a restaurant, because of our limited time at port  and because we spent so much time at the stores and visiting a few of the beautiful churches there.  However we were told at the visitors information area the most restaurants inFinlandhave gluten free options, and you just have to ask when you go into the restaurants.

Overall the gluten free availability for Finland I would rate 5 out of 5 stars based on how well labeled my mom told me that the grocery store was and how many options were available in both the grocery store and the markets that we saw in Finland.

For dinner I ate lamb chops with french fries.  Then for an appetizer I ate noodles with olive oil and a few spices.

Thursday July 14, 2011 St. Petersburg, Russia

For breakfast I had the same meal as normal from the buffet which is scrambled eggs, some cheese slices, and then some gluten free toast brought to us from a helpful head waiter.  We ate in the horizon court so that we could eat quickly for our early shore excursion.

For lunch we were in Russia for the second day so I just ate some snacks that were given to us from the head waiter at dinner and some snacks that I had brought from home.

In Russia since this was the second day there we went to the church of spilled blood.  The church is called this because it is built over the canal were the Emperor Alexander II was killed from a grenade tossed onto his lap.

This is a picture taken of the spilled blood church when we stopped before we drove to the church

This is a picture of the spilled blood church taken as we were walking to the nearby park

I would rate the gluten free availability in Russia 1 out of 5 stars since they didn’t have many safe restaurants for us, and since there were not many gluten free foods available at the grocery store that we stopped at.

For dinner I was served some gazpacho soup and then some noodles with a tomato sauce.  Then later I was served some steak with french fries on the side with some ketchup.  Then for dessert I got my usual of two scoops of vanilla ice cream.  My mother had salmon, potatoes, and asparagus.  My brother Collin had duck breast with asparagus and potatoes.

Wednesday July 13, 2011 St. Petersburg, Russia

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with some gluten free bread and some slices of cheese at the buffet.

This is a picture of the gluten free bread

For lunch since we were in Russia doing a tour so we just stopped at a grocery store since our tour guide said that there were not many gluten free restaurant options available for us to eat at in the city of St. Petersburg.  We were offered a restaurant with salads and beet soup, but decided to decline.  They don’t seem to have gluten-free breads.

For one part of our tour we went to a place called Petergof.  My favorite part of the palace was the grand cascade which consist of many fountains.  There were also many different beautiful rooms such as the amber room and the golden room.  We also went to Catherine’s palace which was probably the biggest palace.

This is a picture of the tallest fountain in the grand cascade

This is a picture of my Mom, Collin, and I looking around in a palace room

This is the whole family standing in front of the entrance to Catherine’s palace

For dinner I had veal with a side of carrots and potatoes.  For the appetizers we were served gluten free noodles with olive oil and some garlic.  Then also another appetizer we were served was tortilla chips with two sides of salsa and guacamole.  Then for dessert I had two scoops of vanilla ice cream again.

Tuesday July 12, 2011 Tallinn, Estonia

We arrived in Tallinn, Estonia and we were able to learn about the history of the country. We were also able to see many palaces which was cool, but sad at the same time whenever we remembered that there were people starving in this country.

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, some turkey, and some cheese slices at the buffet.

For lunch I had some lunch meat with some cheese, and a hard boiled egg in the horizon center.

For dinner I had pork tenderloin served with potatoes, and carrots.  Then for dessert I had two scoops of vanilla ice cream.